NEPAL YANTRASHALA ENERGY (NYSE) is a privately owned company, registered with the department of the cottage Industry of Nepal.The company was originally established in 1976 by late Shyam Raj Pradhan under the name of Nepal Yantrashala with the few other parteners. In 1995, it was transformed into Nepal Yantrashala Energy under his own private ownership.

The founder of the company had been involved in the field of technological innovation since 1958, was the first person who involve to build and install the first micro hydro in Nepal at Godawari fish pond in 1962. Therefore he established NYSE with the objective of contributing to the national economy and the development of the rural areas of Nepal through technological innovation, production, installation and backstopping supports.



Paise Khola MHP Lamjung
Dharma Khola MHP Solukhumbu
Dorung Khola MHP Dolakha


Products & Services


Turbine is an essential component of MHP. It converts the energy of the falling water to the mechanical power .NYSE is capable of manufacturing up to 250kW of pelton and crossflow Turbines.

NYSE manufatures all the hydro Mechanical equipments like Penstock pipes,Gates,Screen,Expansion joints etc upto 2MW.

NYSE has successfully completed the 100kW MHP in Lukla, gate way to Mt.Everest .Previously it had also exported turbine to Pakistan ,Bhutan ,Laos and UK.

NYSE is the first company who manufacture the first T15 turbine on 2001.

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Pico Power

During 1999, in collaboration with the Nottingham Trent University (UK), NYSE has manufactured and installed the Pico Power Pack (PPP), first of its kind, at Kushadevi village in Kavrepalanchok district.

PPP are the newer version of Peltric sets, which consists of Pelton runner coupled directly with one end of the extended shaft of an alternator, where as another end is connected to the agro-processing unit. NYSE manufactures PPP/ Peltric sets of up to 10Kw

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Electronic Load Controller

NYSE assembles wide ranges of Electronic Load Controller (ELC) and Induction Generator controller (IGC) which are required to regulate the output power of MHP

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Installation & Commissioning

NYSE offers the services of preliminary and detail feasibility studies for prospective MHP developers. NYSE also installs the MHP system including commissioning of MHP.

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